Responsible/Organizing club:

Stowarzyszenie Hodowców Kotów  – PL-0246 (SHK)


Co-organizing WCF clubs :

Polski Związek Felinologiczny – PZF (PL-0138)

Międzynarodowy Klub Miłośników Kotów Brytyjskich Krótkowłosych – IBSCC (PL-0193)

Association of Cat – CAAC (CN-0333)



Sport Hall ZNICZ Pruszków

Bohaterow Warszawy Street 4



currently we have 16 judges invited – the list of judges can be found in a separate tab of the website

(the judges can change)



– applications accepted until 19.06.2023 or until the possibilities are exhausted

– it is not possible to accept cash payments at the exhibition – payments only to the account till to 12.06.2023

– it is not possible to withdraw the application after 12.06.2023 whether the registration fee has been paid or not yet. Applications made after 12.06.23 require immediate payment after the application has been approved by the secretary office, no possibility of withdraw




Account : Millenium Bank

IBAN PL59 1160 2202 0000 0000 9125 3947

Swift code : BIGBPLPWXXX

Stowarzyszenie Hodowców Kotów

ul. Olęderska 19 c

87-100 Toruń

In the title of the transfer please enter „fee for the Olimpia exhibition and the name of the exhibitor”



payment by paypal accepted to this address ( shk@shk.com.pl )

Please add 5% paypal fees ^^ – mandatory commission


We reserve the right to close applications early if the limit of places is reached

– applications for WCF Ring Adult / Young accepted only by electronic / online application (cannot be added at the show)

The results of cats taking part in the show will be added to WCF BEST CAT ranking.

– the possibility of canceling the application until 12.06.2023

Withdrawal cat from show is possible until 12.06.2023 after this date exhibitor must pay a fee for a cat without exception, whether the cat will be judged or absent.


Applications are accepted via online system available on the website www.olimpiacatwcf.pl

Applications are open – registration form below (at the bottom of the page)

Cats that participate get triple points for their results ( x3 )

For each correctly sent application system automatically generates a confirmation e-mail of receipt of the application to the secretariat exhibition

The organizer confirms the acceptance of the cat to the show in a separate e-mail

The Organizers will send confirmation only after receiving the payment to the account.




– After 12.06.2023 it is not possible to withdraw the cat from the exhibition or replace it.

– For each cat placed in the catalog the exhibitor is obliged to pay a fee,

without exception, whether the cat will be judged or absent

-We do not provide chairs for exhibitors – please bring your own.

-Change of show class after 10:00 am (Sat/Sun) – 10 EURO




– the organizer reserves the right to make hourly changes in the program and changes in the judging panel.

– All exhibitors are required to register and undergo a veterinary check with their cats by 9:30.After this time, the cats will be registered as absent and they will not be placed on the judging lists

– Diplomas will be issued on Sunday AFTER BEST IN SHOW





One cat – single cage: 60x60x70

Cage decor – mandatory

Exhibition cages will be numbered.



Cats must be healthy, clean and in good condition, prepared to the show, vaccinated against cats virus diseases (cat’s flu, panleucopenia etc.) as well as against Rabies, no later than one month before the cat show (first vaccination) or must have next vaccination valid.

Rabies vaccination is obligatory also for kittens. During veterinary control it’s obligatory to show the vaccination book or cat’s passport.

Sick cats won’t be accepted without reimbursement.

Each cat should obligatory has identification microchip.

Kittens taking part in the cat show must also have microchip.

Kittens must have passport or vaccination book with microchip number. Microchips will be checked in the entrance to the show. All cats must have their claws cutted. White cats must have veterinary certificate concerning ears’ test BAER that corfirms hearing correctness of both ears. All cats taking part in the cat show must be applicated in their classes to the catalogue.



– Steward applications are open – registration form below


The application form for Gala Dinner you can find in the tab „Olimpia Gala Dinner WCF”


Olimpia Gala Dinner WCF

day: 08.07.2023 ( Saturday )

time: 8pm

place: Hotel Anton, ul. Bolesława Prusa 1   05-800 Pruszków

price: € 60 (1 person / meal is included in the price )


The number of places is limited


Show Rules :