Olimpia Gala Dinner WCF is a dinner that will take place on Saturday evening.

It will be a joint meeting of all breeders to which we cordially invite you.

Judges and WCF representatives will also be at the dinner and there will also be an official

Best Cat WCF” award ceremony.


Olimpia Gala Dinner WCF

day: 08.07.2023 ( Saturday )

time: 8pm

place: Hotel Anton, ul. Bolesława Prusa 1   05-800 Pruszków

price: € 60 (1 person / meal is included in the price )

If you want a vegetarian dish, please contact us


Below you will find the application form

The number of places is limited

For each correctly sent application system automatically generates a confirmation e-mail of receipt of the application

The organizer confirms the Olimpia Gala Dinner WCF reservation in a separate e-mail.